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May 2020 Five Year Forecast

November 2020 Five Year Forecast

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Explanation of CARES/ESSER Money

Through our Strategic Planning process, it has been brought to my attention that we rated low in knowing the financial status of the district.  So I’m aiming to change that!  Each month I will give you a little snippet of our accounts and let you know any pertinent financial information. 

So at the end of March 2021, our bank statements looked like this:

Daily Operations = $3,513,175.75

Investments = $2,082,335.10.
I met with Peoples Bank and transferred the money back to the investment account and we reinvested some of the money. (I want to keep some liquid as June is a low month also.) The Clinton County triennial re-evaluation came in much higher than we anticipated. While it's good for us, we know it's costing you much more money. Unfortunately after speaking to County Auditor Habermehl, I believe there will be another large increase with the next triennial re-evaluation. It has to do with the state mandating that property values be closer to market values. He's been able to stave them off for a while, but he cannot any longer.

To give you a frame of reference, it costs our district an average of $425,000 for each payroll (semimonthly), $245,000 for our insurance each month (District side only), and $10,000 for Medicare each month (District side only).

Granted, we get about $315,000 twice a month from State Funding (which in addition covers our STRS/SERS [pensions] each month).

For our income tax, we get quarterly payments at the ends of January, April, July, and October.  Those have been an average of $175,000. In July 2021, we should see a larger payment from those who have filed and paid their income tax rather than the previous payments which have been from those who have had their employer deducting it.

    Carrie Bir

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